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How Well Can Water Restoration Companies Manage Knoxville Condo Water Leaks?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team members standing in front of stacked SERVPRO restoration equipment in a storage facility Our highly trained team members, expertise and equipment gives us the ability to handle water loss events of any size.

SERVPRO Helps with Many Aspects of Water Removal from Condos Including Expediting Completion and Minimizing Unnecessary Damages 

Water leaks leading to wetness in different Condo units can be a flashpoint for disagreements between members and unwanted expenses for your condominium association. Although there may be several deterrents to water intrusion, including the installation of leak sensors, you cannot discount the possibility of such an incident. SERVPRO helps Condo managers in Knoxville to resolve water damage situations with the utmost convenience. 

Can water restoration companies help prevent leaks in Knoxville properties? 

In most incidents, the damage is already done by the time the restoration company arrives at your property. What you can benefit from, is advice on how to minimize the chances of leaks or other forms of water intrusion in Knoxville. Our SERVPRO technicians can inspect the facility to establish whether there are steps to take to lessen the chances of leaks. Typical steps include: 

  • Installation of water detection devices
  • Replacing or upgrading washing machine hoses
  • Preparing an Emergency Ready Profile to ensure the correct response when leaks occur
  • Checking whether there are proper sealing and caulking around the property 

The steps help in different ways. For instance, water detection devices have distinct or other forms of warnings when there is a moisture change in the areas they are installed, ensuring faster response to water intrusions. Since faulty household appliances frequently cause leaks, replacing old or brittle washing machine hoses can reduce the chances of a leak occurring. Other steps, such as having an ERP minimize confusion because there is a response plan, including locating and shutting off the mains when the leak is identified. 

What is the best way to handle water removal from condo units? 

Because of the distributed responsibility for the damages that water causes in condos, the chosen water removal approach should help in: 

  • Identifying the source of the water leak fast
  • Limiting moisture migration
  • Documenting the exact damage affecting each section
  • Mitigating all long-term problems 

When our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your Knoxville water loss site, we use simple and sophisticated techniques to identify the loss point, if it is not apparent, and the extent of the moisture migration. In the interior sections of the units, we can easily observe the wetness and pools of water. 

In enclosed spaces such as walls, ceiling, and floor spaces, we use other ways to check for wetness. For instance, we can use thermal cameras to identify wet areas behind wall surfaces. The cameras rely on temperature differences to identify wet areas. We can also drill small holes to release trapped water or create space for inspection with a specialized tool such as a borescope. With these approaches, we avoid damaging the property unnecessarily, thus minimizing conflicts between the different parties involved. 

Can water restoration companies fast track water removal? 

Several aspects influence the time it takes to complete water removal from the condo, including: 

  • The number of levels affected
  • Amount of water released
  • The variety of damages the intrusion causes 

Our SERVPRO crews take various steps to expedite the process, halting the deterioration of materials, and restoring habitable conditions faster. We have an assortment of water extraction equipment that help ease the removal of surface or absorbed water. For instance, we have self-propelled extractors that a technician rides on while moving over carpeted areas at consistent speeds. Such apparatus combines different processes to achieve the intended removal goal faster. The technician and the machine's combined weight helps squeeze out water absorbed by carpet and pad while the vacuum system extracts it. 

Other tools such as portable extractor units and truck-mounted pumps help us remove water from hard surfaces faster. In the case of water penetration beneath tiles or hardwood floors, we have drying mats, which help extract water trapped beneath the hard materials conveniently.

The use of such specialized equipment to perform specific removal processes reduces the time taken to restore the property to its preloss state. For instance, ripping up and reinstalling tiles to remove moisture can add some extra days to the water remediation process. The timesaving benefits can be enjoyed in many aspects of the restoration, including: 

  • Damage inspection processes
  • Water removal from floor materials and coverings
  • Cutting downtime for rebuilding and refinishing 

The use of sophisticated equipment also limits invasive procedures that cause physical damages, thus helping reduce costs. 

In case of a water intrusion incident at your Downtown Knoxville, Rocky Hill, or Sequoyah Hills condo, SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville can help resolve it with ease. Call us at (865) 862-8907. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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