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Knoxville Commercial Water Damage Restoration Solutions

5/12/2024 (Permalink)

a water damaged white wall with water marks on it When water damage occurs in your business, you want it dealt with quickly. Contact SERVPRO anytime to get your business back up and running.

Essential Steps in Fast Commercial Water Removal

When a business deals with any water emergency, the urgency for an immediate response is crucial to minimize operational disruptions and preserve the company's reputation. Loss of revenue during the cleanup is an added stressor that a homeowner in the same position would not be dealing with.

Swift Action to Reduce Water's Impact

In Knoxville, commercial water damage restoration demands a quick response to prevent extensive operational halts. Addressing water damage promptly can drastically cut downtime, helping businesses continue operations sooner. Having an emergency plan for the steps to take when unexpected water or other damage occurs within the company is a good idea. The plan should include instructions for protecting vital equipment, the central shutoff location for power and water, and the number to SERVPRO® to get the cleanup going.

Preventing Long-Term Damage to a Business

Water damage can lead to severe issues with the structure if not addressed immediately, as well as:

  • Loss of Data and Equipment: Exposure to elevated humidity can harm sensitive electronics
  • Mold Growth: Moist environments can become harbors for mold within 24 hours if not addressed.

SERVPRO's Commercial Water Remediation Techniques

SERVPRO is equipped to handle the complexities of water cleanup in a business of any size, from a small single sole proprietor bakery to an enormous manufacturer such as the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), using its advanced technology and professional techniques:

  • Moisture Detection Devices: Tools like hygrometers measure the extent of moisture saturation.
  • High-grade Equipment: Submersible pumps for continuous pumping of high-level water.
  • Thermal Foggers and Deodorizers: These are used to eliminate odors and improve air quality.

These specialized tools and methods ensure thorough cleanup and restoration, which is essential for getting Knoxville businesses back on track.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville at (865) 862-8907 is Faster to any size disaster™, helping businesses recover, professional commercial water damage restoration services.

Focuses of Water Cleanup for Downtown Knoxville Office Buildings

5/11/2023 (Permalink)

outside corner view of office building Water damage from one office can spread to neighboring portions of the building.

Challenging Water Cleanup in Multi-Story Buildings

Downtown Knoxville features many skyscrapers and multi-level office buildings for several companies stationed in the city. When leaks and water damage occur, these structures require cleanup and drying to restore production and workflow. Our fast-responding SERVPRO team can help.

Concerns with Water Damage in Multi-Story Structures

Water cleanup in Downtown Knoxville can be challenging when the damaged area is far from the ground floor. Significant coordination and planning are necessary for a limited time window to impact the spreading water and avoid more substantial damage. Concerns for high-rise buildings include:

  • Spread to neighboring portions of the building
  • Moisture migration through structural systems
  • Confined space cleanup and drying
  • Challenge accessing damaged areas with traditional equipment

Extraction Efforts 

Managing extraction is the greatest challenge in overcoming water damage in a high-rise commercial structure. High-pressure pumps are the ideal choice when volume is a concern. Wet vacuums and other portable equipment meet most extraction and surface water removal requirements.

Content Removal and Relocation

Office buildings with water damage must have restorers managing exposed furniture, documents, electronics, and machinery. In addition, our mitigation team can help with item relocation on-site and provide cleaning and storage services nearby at our warehouse if necessary.

Placing Drying Equipment

Structural drying is also relative to the equipment that can be brought to the damaged level of the building. Often, effective drying is a combination of high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers, including trailered desiccant models with quick connect hosing to reach multiple portions of a damaged office building simultaneously.

Water damage cleanup and recovery services should start right away. We have professionals ready to respond 24/7 for emergencies. In addition, our SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville Large Loss recovery team has industry-leading tools and training to help. Call us at (865) 862-8907.

Excellent Water Cleanup Results for Knoxville Businesses

12/18/2022 (Permalink)

a person peeling back wallpaper with mold underneath it When water damage affects your business, time is of the essence. Contact our technicians immediately for water removal and remediation services.

SERVPRO for Commercial Knoxville Water Cleanup Service

All commercial properties must have the contact information of a restoration company handy at all times. Whenever your Knoxville warehouse, office building, restaurant, or production facility has a significant spill, flooding, or burst pipes, you need water cleanup – fast! SERVPRO is in the area 24/7, including weekends and holidays, to ensure your business never misses a beat. When it comes to commercial water cleanup, our skilled technicians will scale services to meet your unique needs.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned – what does that mean?

SERVPRO never stops until your Knoxville commercial water cleanup, drying, and restoration is complete. Many factors set us apart from other companies in the area, including:

  • 24/7 availability and customer care to handle incoming calls
  • Quick response times 
  • Green Fleet stocked and ready, allowing us to get to your business within hours
  • Your trusted partner in addressing commercial storm flooding, burst pipes, hidden leaks, and more
  • Total compliance with all OSHA standards and guidelines
  • Industrial-grade, commercial-quality equipment for water removal services, drying, and moisture detection

Local businesses can count on SERVPRO

Acting too slowly or attempting DIY cleanup for any water incident could bring hazards and mold growth. We have IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) ready to get started on your water cleanup needs. We adapt accordingly and scale to meet the needs of each business with efforts like:

  • Water damage mitigation and total restoration
  • Emergency backup power, as needed
  • Addressing wet records with document recovery and restoration
  • Desiccant/refrigerant drying and detailed humidity control
  • Thorough cleaning with EPA-registered products and antimicrobials

Rather than taxing your employees or in-house maintenance crew with water cleanup, SERVPRO’s team is here for end-to-end service. No matter the cause, we pinpoint the problem and fix it as we handle the removal of all standing water and moisture present within your commercial property. 

Call us at SERVPRO of Rocky Hill/Sequoyah Hills/South Knoxville at (865) 862-8907 when you need rapid water cleanup. We are the trusted leader for commercial and residential restorations in your area!

Rocky Hill Office Suite Managers Welcome SERVPRO for Flood Loss Mitigation

6/15/2022 (Permalink)

Inside of SERVPRO storage facility- SERVPRO equipment seen SERVPRO Provides Industry-Leading Equipment for Flood Loss Mitigation to Help Rocky Hill Area Businesses

Destroying Odors with a Hydroxyl Generator after Flood Damage in Rocky Hill

Mother nature can throw a curveball at us anytime. Just imagine a rainstorm or hurricane can hit at any time. The massive flood of water can be very frightening. Your first instinct would be to focus on escaping the aftermath. Once you and your employees can evacuate safely, your next step would emphasize on restoring your business to its preloss condition. First things first. Call your insurance company to see how much they can help you with the damage. With some luck, you may also have business interruption insurance. The next step is to call in the water restoration expert from SERVPRO to help you get rid of the remaining water and to restore your offices and salvage your capital investments.
Flood damage in an office suite in Rocky Hill can be very devastating. The longer the water is left in your establishment, the more damage that it can result. Even if the water is all gone and dried up, you still have to deal with the odor-causing particles that originated from the black floodwater debris and saturated furnishings. There are technologies such as the hydroxyl generator that can help fight off these odor-causing residuals. The hydroxyl generator can release hydroxyl radicals into the air. These radicals are diatomic molecules that have a short half-life span of fewer than two seconds. This highly reactive radical can be attached to the malodorous particles and destroy or neutralized them. Our IICRC certified technicians can place this equipment to expedite the odor control without harming furnishings or electronics such as computers and printers.
SERVPRO water restoration experts often utilize equipment such as the hydroxyl generator to combat odor that is left behind by the flood. Once the SERVPRO water remediation specialists have extracted all the water from your establishment, clear the air of odors, and restore your office furnishings and documents, they can walk you through the establishment to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. This documented validation can help with your insurance claim.

If you are determined to get your suites back on track after a flood loss, then give SERVPRO of Rocky Hill, Sequoyah Hills, South Knoxville a call at (865) 862-8907.

The Advantages of Duct Cleaning For Your Restaurant

5/15/2022 (Permalink)

a bunch of air vents under a house Ductwork maintenance needs to be built into the cleaning Standard Operating Procedures for your business. Contact our certified team 24/7.

SERVPRO Provides Exceptional Commercial Cleaning and Sanitizing of Ductwork in Both Large and Small Enterprises

Running an efficient restaurant is something that most business owners in the culinary field strive to do. You do your best to keep the costs and outgoing expenses down so in turn your overall profit margin is more considerable. One of the ways that you can do this, as well as improve the quality of the experience that customers have in your establishment, is to ensure that all facets of your facility are running at optimal levels.

One of the overlooked aspects in this regard is the ductwork attached to your heating and air conditioning system. Over time, these pathways become partially blocked and clogged with debris, dust, dirt and even germs or bacteria. Duct cleaning in the Rocky Hill area is a service that our SERVPRO professionals can walk you through and perform for your business, which can lead to reducing your outgoing costs and providing a better eating experience for your loyal patrons.

Every time that your air kicks on throughout the building, moving through these ducts with built-up debris and dust, you are circulating these particles around through the dining areas and kitchen of your restaurant. While much of this can not get seen by even the most perceptive of observers, most business owners do not consider this possibility to be acceptable in their food preparation or serving areas. Indoor air quality-IAQ-is a significant attribute that adds to the ambiance of a restaurant.

Moreover, cleaning the ducts of your business can allow the air conditioner and heating units not to have to work harder to get air through the system. For many business owners, this lesser user of electricity can reduce their utility costs every month.

It is essential to note that while our SERVPRO professionals can work around your schedule, often your restaurant does not need to close or reduce operating hours to complete this service. With fitted vacuums and specialty heavier equipment that seal tightly over vents, dust, mold spores, pollen, and debris pulled from the ducts do not get spread throughout the building. The additional benefits of protecting against mold growth and circulating pleasant scents conducive to the overall eating experience cannot be lightly discounted.

If you can see the benefits of choosing duct cleaning for your restaurant, our team of professionals is ready to help you breathe a little easier. Give our SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville technicians a call today at (865) 862-8907.

Commercial Fire Restoration for All Knoxville Area Businesses

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial building with fire coming out. SERVPRO of Rocky Hill/Sequoyah Hills/South Knoxville is here to make your commercial fire damage easier.

Trust Your Business to SERVPRO’s Fire Restoration Team in Knoxville

With any fire, there comes a certain number of challenges. However, when your Knoxville commercial location undergoes a fire-related emergency, you have many issues to worry about. This is why it is wise to contact skilled technicians like SERVPRO so your downtime is less and there is added peace of mind the job gets done right the first time. We have the large-scale equipment and workforce to handle fire restorations of any magnitude. 

Our standard process remains the same when handling commercial fire damage in Knoxville, yet we adjust as needed to ensure the best results for all clients.

  • We consider the heat damage/charring, soot, smoke residue, water, and chemicals used to extinguish the flames, etc. 
  • We understand one business differs from another, and we are there for industrial applications, commercial kitchens, office spaces, schools, and other unique settings that require rapid, reliable fire and smoke restorations. 
  • We have scalable work crews and complete inventories of industrial-grade equipment, tools, and professional products that allow us to make your business “Like it never even happened.”

What about smoke damage to various building materials?

The level to which the smoke may have penetrated your building materials or structure will help us determine the type of restoration measures and deodorization techniques required. A fast-burning fire can deeply penetrate materials like insulation. Our technicians may remove and replace the impacted materials in events like these. For a slower burning fire where particles remain on top of the materials, we may use ULV (ultra-low volume) foggers and other products to deodorize thoroughly.

No matter the nature of your commercial fire damage, you can rest assured that you have a team in your corner at SERVPRO of Rocky Hill/Sequoyah Hills/South Knoxville. You can reach us 24/7 by dialing (865) 862-8907 to set up your fire restoration project.

Effective Water Cleanup in Knoxville Restaurants

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

empty restaurant, tables ready for customers Should your business can become heavily damaged by water loss events and flooding situations, call SERVPRO! We are always on call!

After Water Damage, SERVPRO Works Quickly to Begin Water Cleanup in Knoxville Eateries

Restaurants are high-traffic environments. When water damage occurs, these situations can stop the production of your eatery and force a need for professional restoration. Our team prioritizes your desire to get your doors back open as fast as possible, so we arrive with effective extraction, drying, and cleaning equipment. Our primary objectives for commercial restoration include:

  • Cleaning up the water damage
  • Drying damaged structure
  • Getting your business operational again

Protecting Equipment and Appliances

Getting water cleanup and downtown Knoxville restaurants started quickly is critical to prevent damage to sensitive equipment and appliances you have in the kitchen areas and elsewhere on the property. The longer these electronics and appliances stay exposed to standing water or high moisture content conditions, the more likely they become to be heavily and irreparably damaged. We can work on relocating early in the mitigation process.

Preventing the Spread to Connected Spaces

Stopping water movement throughout the structure is also an essential objective of our responding technicians. Physical barriers and the use of equipment along the perimeter of the damaged areas prevent moisture migration to the dining portion of your restaurant when the problem begins in the kitchen.

Effective Extraction and Drying

Ultimately, it is our drying and extraction services that your business needs. This process starts with clearing surface water from flooring, which can pool heavily with non-porous flooring materials like tile commonly installed in restaurant kitchens. The placement and number of air movers used to create an efficient evaporative drying response where needed.

Your business can become heavily damaged by water loss events and flooding situations, so it is necessary to reach out to experienced professionals like our SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville team to help. Our equipment and experience allow us to be among the Knoxville region's most respected and reputable restorers. We are available and ready 24/7 when you call (865) 862-8907. 

Why Hire Professional Water Cleanup for a Downtown Knoxville Hotel?

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team No matter the size of water damage restoration needed for your commercial building, SERVPRO has all the manpower and equipment for every disaster.

For Water Mitigation in a Downtown Knoxville Area Commercial Building–Call SERVPRO

Water leak problems can have many possible sources within a building. For instance, potential water leakage can arise from the kitchen, laundry room appliance breakdown, or hotel rooms in Downtown Knoxville hotels. The plumbing in one of the rooms may be damaged and leak. Removing any pooling water should be done rapidly to prevent wicking into other assemblies and furnishings.

The cleanup process involves locating and assessing the area within the premises where the water has intruded. If the water leaks from an upper story, the floor above can flood and damage the ceiling of the floor below. SERVPRO technicians are equipped with unique devices to track moisture during water cleanup processes in a Downtown Knoxville hotel.

The water might spread to the hallways and get into other rooms, inconveniencing guests. Our team is quick to remove any traces of puddles using wet vacuums that suck up stagnant water. They check the walls for possible moisture buildup as these are likely to sustain damage due to their porous surfaces.

  • Inspection devices used during water cleanup
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Moisture sensors
  • Thermo-hygrometers
  • Moisture meters

     Moisture Can Cause Secondary Water Damage

Moisture can accumulate in certain places within a structure which may not be visible. SERVPRO technicians use thermal imaging cameras to inspect moisture in such areas and then use the results to estimate to what level it has affected the materials. The cameras display a range of colors distinguishing wet and dry areas. Blue indicates a lower temperature and possible moisture accumulation, while a red area indicates a higher temperature and lessens the likelihood of water damage. A thermo-hygrometer helps SERVPRO technicians measure the temperature and relative humidity of air masses in the affected areas. The crew gains vital information to help determine the appropriate drying equipment to use.

  • Drying methods to help with moisture removal
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Structural cavity drying systems
  • Air filtration devices

Water leaks spread quickly, soaking everything in the way, including upholstery, floors, and walls hence the need to call experts immediately. The SERVPRO goal is to prevent or minimize damage to the guests' belongings, prevent secondary water damage to the structure, and ensure there are available rooms.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville provides excellent water cleanup services. You can contact us at (865) 862-8907. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

Why Should Knoxville Business Owners Hire Professional Water Damage Recovery Firms Over In-House Cleaning Crews?

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

A trashcan full of water in a building. SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville understands the stress that comes along with a large water loss. Let us take some stress.

Speed, Training, Specialized Commercial-Grade Equipment, and Project Scalability Place SERVPRO in a Class by Itself When Completing Large-Scale Water Damage Repair in Knoxville

When your Knoxville business suffers a water damage, your first inclination might be to coordinate the clean-up with your on-staff housekeeping personnel. Before you commit to this approach, keep in mind that your facility might not have the specialized equipment needed to remove massive water quantities.

What Is the Time Frame for an Appropriate Water Damage Repair Response in Commercial Buildings?

 Water damage repair in your Knoxville commercial building cannot wait for regular business hours. Building materials and contents deteriorate within minutes to hours of the water incursion, even if the leak or overflow occurred over a weekend or during the wee hours. A response within just a few hours maximum at full working capacity is critical to mitigating any further harm and assuring that disruptions to your everyday operations are kept to a minimum. Waiting for your in-house cleaning crew to assess the situation and obtain required equipment delays the start of mitigation unreasonably, and interferes with your core staff’s ability to provide services and goods to customers.

Does High-Quality Water Damage Repair Require Specialized and Advanced Training?

 Working with a professional water emergency recovery company like SERVPRO ensures that the individuals assessing planning and implementing interventions have the training and a scalable inventory of water extraction and drying tools. Managing contamination concerns, which are often possible in a water damage situation, need guidance from knowledgeable managers up-to-date with the latest local regulations concerning containment and lawful disposal. Our team completes the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework before working on any field project. It brings technicians certified in most, if not all, of the following specialties to your site:

  • Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT)
  • Applied Structural Drying (ASD)
  • Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT)
  • Building Moisture Thermography (BMT)
  • Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS)
  • Odor Control Technician (OCT)

 Allow the capable crews from SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville to assess, plan, and implement the water damage repair agenda in your commercial building. Call us at (865) 862-8907 24-hour a day to schedule a prompt evaluation.

We Get You Back in Business in Knoxville After Flood Damage

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside of a gas station. Let SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville get your retail store back and up in business.

Why Remediating Commercial Flood Damage in a Knoxville Retail Store Quickly is Vital

Severe weather such as storms and hurricanes can cause flooding that can devastate your retail store in just a few minutes. Flood damage in a retail store can interrupt business operations. Depending on the extent of damage, you may need to close your business for several days or weeks to have the destruction repaired. Closing the doors can lead to a loss of revenue.

Acting fast is crucial to avoid significant losses if you are dealing with commercial flood damage in your Knoxville retail store. Getting help from a remediation company can ensure that you get back to business quickly to avoid losing customers. Acting fast can also prevent mold infestation, which is hazardous to human health.

Our SERVPRO crew can develop a tailor-made plan to return your business to its preloss state. After flood water has entered your store, you may lose inventory, and this can compromise your business operations. The stock holds a large amount of capital when running a retail business. When you find ruined goods, you should document the damage and the value of the products so that you can deduct the loss from your taxable income. Our team can help you separate the ruined inventory and document the damage for insurance claims purposes.

Even though it is not possible to restore some flood-damaged merchandise, our crew can help you restore salvageable store fixtures and equipment. We can wipe water from electronic equipment like computers and cash registers. If the electronic equipment sustained damage, we could work with professionals who restore electronic equipment.

SERVPRO Uses Top Flood Damage Restoration Techniques

Using the latest flood damage restoration techniques and equipment like high-pressure pumps, our crew can remove the water from your business premises. We have an adequate workforce and experience to restore commercial properties after flood damage. We can dry your business premises properly because we have advanced tools to check for hidden moisture. Our crew can use infrared cameras to check for moisture. This moisture detection equipment enables us to inspect for moisture in hard-to-reach areas like high ceilings. Our restorers can point the cameras to large areas of the building to see how moisture traveled. We can then dry the structure using air moving and dehumidifying equipment. Our SERVPRO team can also clean and disinfect the affected area using professional grade cleaning and sanitizing agents to eliminate the contaminants that came in with the floodwater.

After experiencing flood damage in your Knoxville retail store, SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville can help you get back to business by restoring the structure. Call us 24/7 at (865) 862-8907 for a quick remediation process that can make the damage seem “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Water Removal for Assembly Plants in Downtown Knoxville

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

worker on factory floor using machine Don't let water damage idle your assembly line. SERVPRO is always on call!

Proper Water Removal Can Prevent Future Water Damage

One of the final steps in manufacturing, assembly of the finished product, occurs in many places in Downtown Knoxville. Water from flooding or a significant leak can stall lines and keep production halted, making your plant late with orders.

No matter where invasive water comes from, plant managers can solve the situation with water removal in Downtown Knoxville. SERVPRO technicians, ready 24-hours a day, quickly remove standing water with appropriately sized equipment. When floodwaters contain contamination, we directly address the issue according to IICRC protocols.

Water Clean Up

Pollutants come from anywhere the water travels. They include both solids and liquids. We can eliminate some more easily than others, while certain ones create various threats of different severity. Many of these solid and a significant amount of the liquid contaminants disappear as we remove the water. We remove even more after we finish pumping out and extracting the water.

Wherever absorbent or porous materials exist within your plant, water fills the pores and holes. Using water's properties against it, we heat different areas to speed up evaporation. We also create air currents with large air movers to direct moist air, so it goes where we want it – outside through open windows or toward a desiccant machine or large dehumidifiers.

Without professional water removal services, your plant's interior might seem dry after your employees take care of the problem with mops, squeegees, and towels, but this often results in a more significant problem later when water damage sets in and begins causing problems. SERVPRO technicians can help your plant avoid this much more costly situation. Doing so and quickly responding to your plant's emergency can eliminate a substantial amount of future downtime, financial expenses, and other issues.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville employs dedicated individuals and then trains them in various areas, ensuring they respond appropriately whenever our local businesses need assistance. Because emergencies happen at all hours, we answer our phones no matter the time, day or night, and every day of the year. Call us at (865) 862-8907 for 24-hour services to protect your business from water damage and many related problems.

Natural Disaster Insurance Scams in the Knoxville Area- Protect Yourself

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

fifty-dollar bill burning on both ends Restoring commercial fire damage can make you feel like you are burning dollars. You can trust the SERVPRO professionals to restore your business.

Don't Let a Fire Burn Up Your Money

After a fire, everyone involved is looking to put it behind them and rebuild their lives as quickly as possible. This rush to get back to normalcy leaves victims of a disaster open to being victimized again in an insurance scam.

One of the most common scams is pretending to help speed up the process, rushing you into making a quick decision. When you experience commercial fire damage in Knoxville, the con-men (or women) claim to be a private organization that helps victims through the insurance filing process and speeds things along. They deceive you about being able to decrease the time by half or even more. They succeed at this because they basically dangle the victim's own insurance settlement on a much shorter string.

Another common scam is claiming to be from a federal agency. If anyone states they are from FEMA or the SBA (Small Business Association) and tries to direct you to one company, even SERVPRO, it's very likely they're not with either agency. Neither is allowed to make a recommendation.

The best way to combat these scams is to stay alerted and get all the information possible on every person that contacts you. There are a few key pieces that you should consider from anyone who calls or speaks to you in person:

  • Business License - Every agency, contractor, or other private organization has to have a license to operate. Ask for it, and if the individual won't give it to you or claims that they have some type of special agreement, hang up the phone immediately or close your door in their face. Out of state contractors must register with the State of Tennessee.
  • Physical Address - If someone calls you or leaves a business card that only has a website, use caution. Every local agency should have a brick-and-mortar address. In some rare cases, a local representative may be operating out of their home. If that is the claim, then you should get the address of the regional or national office.
  • Phone Number - Not a cell phone if possible, but a landline that leads to an administrative office where you can talk to a supervisor.
  • Cash Only - If the "contractor" states that he will work "under the table," steer clear of him. Never make a cash deal or down payment during a time of emergency. Step back, evaluate your circumstances, and use common sense.

Once you have this information, contact your local or state government and verify that everything is legitimate. Only after you do this should you listen to any offer.

Contact SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill/Sequoyah Hills/South Knoxville is fully licensed in every state we operate in and have decades of experience dealing with both natural disasters and supporting you with insurance claims. Call us today at (865) 862-8907; we're here to help.

Whom Should Business Owners Call For Water Mitigation In Knoxville Businesses?

5/16/2021 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on wood floor Water can sure put a damper on your business. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and drying out services. We are standing by 24/7.

Talk to a Reputable Restorer Like SERVPRO to Handle Water Mitigation in Your Knoxville Business

Rainwater from a broken window or damaged roof can cause significant damage to your business inventory, drywalls, furniture, as well as unbearable odor. However, professional restorers like SERVPRO can minimize the secondary damages and restore your business to its pre-damage condition if involved on time.

SERVPRO restorers are always available to help entrepreneurs with water mitigation in Knoxville businesses. Secondary water damage can begin within a few hours. Immediately water gets into your business, it seeps into your drywall and floor. Mold can grow all over your business within 24 hours and cause health effects to your customers and team of staff.

Water removal is the primary step in water damage restoration. It speeds up the drying process and minimizes odors. SERVPRO restorers have hi-tech equipment and tools that help us restore our customer’s business within a brief period.

We have state-of-the-art products that help our restorers clean and combat odors in the affected commercial building. We can use microban, which is both a phenolic and quaternary product. The product combats a wide range of fungi, viruses, and bacteria. It has a natural, pleasant smell that counteracts odors without additional fragrance. We can use thermal hygrometers to measure the temperature and relative humidity of air masses. When monitoring a worksite, we compare the readings of five areas, including:

  • The air outside the structure
  • Air in the unaffected areas
  • Air in the affected areas
  • Air coming out in the HVAC system

For an effective application, our SERVPRO restorers can use an electric sprayer to apply the product. The equipment helps us spray the product directly onto the contaminated areas effectively without wetting the surfaces. Since the machine sprays the product in the form of vapor, we open all windows and doors to increase air circulation. With that, the moist air leaves the property.

With advanced equipment, a team of highly skilled restorers, water damage should not distort your daily business activities. Contact SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville at (865) 862-8907 for fast and effective restoration. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Can Black Mold Cause Permanent Damage to Commercial Premises in Knoxville?

4/20/2021 (Permalink)

female holding a mold sign SERVPRO can detect mold in Knoxville without signs--but inspections--and then mold remediation, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO is a Licensed Mold Remediation Provider Based in Knoxville

Black molds can spread quickly through a business property. Using dehumidifiers can be an effective stopgap solution to mold growth. However, you may find that the fungi continue to return as the problem's source has not been addressed. Commercial premises, which commonly use acoustical ceilings or carpeting, can be adversely affected by continued mold growth.

Our commercial mold remediation team here in Knoxville can help your business reduce the microorganisms to a manageable level. Sometimes the visible signs of microbial growth belie a much more severe problem. SERVPRO technicians can conduct a thorough inspection of the affected areas using moisture sensors, meters, and hygrometers to find the source of a microbial growth issue. Follow the water, and finally apply an antifungal agent.

  • Moisture sensors are designed to be placed on surfaces and provide data on potential water recesses behind walls or in cavities.
  • A moisture probe can determine the moisture content, which could be a leading cause of mold growth on semi-porous material.
  • Hygrometers allow technicians to assess whether mold colonization is a result of high indoor humidity levels.

Protect your business and staff. Contact SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville for mold remediation at (865) 328-9417.

Attend the TVBA Business Expo and Veteran Job Fair Near Knoxville

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician at work. Storm damage is no easy task. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the experience and latest equipment and techniques needed for your business.

Knoxville Business Owners Have a Lot to Learn from the TVBA Business Exposition and Veteran Job Fair

The Tennessee Veterans Business Association (TVBA) holds an annual business exposition and veteran job fair, which aims to grow the entrepreneurial spirit, and offer training and education, government advocacy as well as career support to veteran job seekers. The next expo and veteran job fair take place on 5th February 2021 at Hilton Knoxville Airport in Alcoa, TN. Knoxville dwellers can venture into the nearby city to attend the event. TVBA is committed to connecting veteran business owners with:

  • Other veteran-owned firms
  • Elected officials
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Veteran-focused nonprofits
  • Retired military personnel

The business association is dedicated to unifying the voices of veteran business owners and veterans and offering the tools they need to advance the dreams of their business.

It was founded in 2010 after Jonathan Williams, a 10-year navy veteran, established his own enterprise and started reaching out to entrepreneurs to gain input and insight on running a company successfully. 

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville is glad to welcome you to the TVBA Business Expo and Veteran Job Fair. We support enterprises that make such events possible. If there is commercial storm flood damage in your Knoxville business, we can help bring things back to normal. Call us any time at (865) 862-8907 for prompt and effective restoration. 

Knoxville Businesses Can Rely On SERVPRO For Storm Cleanup Help

11/15/2020 (Permalink)

fallen trees and power lines on a road When your business is facing cleanup after a storm, contact team SERVPRO. We are standing by 24/7 to take your emergency call.

Our Storm Cleanup Service Is Suitable For Every Kind of Knoxville Building

Knoxville is a lively, busy, and populous city that is proud to be the county seat of Knox County. With a population of 187,603, Knoxville is the third-largest city in the state, after Nashville and Memphis.

When settlers first colonized Knoxville in 1786, it was the capital of Tennessee. The isolated position put it at a disadvantage, but with the advent of the railroad, Knoxville started growing in size and power. Some people refer to it as an alternative Nashville – but calling it that means missing out on its own unique culture and history.

Knoxville has a strong manufacturing history. Although its fortunes waned a little after the Great Depression, it has made a comeback in the last decades, with many world-class businesses making their homes here.

A Fascinating Downtown

Knoxville visitors, and those who choose to set up their businesses here, are frequently amazed and delighted by the staggering range of architectural styles the city boasts. There are so many impressive buildings to look at, and the varied architectural periods help give Knoxville its unique vibe, which encompasses both historic and modern sensibilities. Just some of the gems you will find include:

  • The Tennessee Theater. Located in the Burwell Building, the Tennessee Theater, is a bona fide 1920s movie palace. It was opened in 1928 with two thousand seats in the auditorium. The interior includes décor from all over the world, such as French-style chandeliers with Czechoslovakian crystals and Italian marble floors.
  • Old Knoxville City Hall. The main building in this complex was completed in 1851. It started as a school for the deaf before becoming Knoxville’s first City Hall. The facade boasts an impressive portico with supporting columns, while other parts of the building have Italian Renaissance and Neoclassical elements.
  • Howard Baker Federal Courthouse. Knoxville’s architecture did not stop in the 1920s! This impressive building was constructed in 1991. It has an elaborate interior that showcases the best of Neo-Georgian architecture and is large enough to occupy two city blocks. The Federal Courthouse started life as the home offices of Whittle Communications before the company folded and sold the building to the Federal government.
  • The Andrew Johnson Hotel. This striking building has stood since the 1930s. When it was built, it was Knoxville’s tallest building and a notable feature of the skyline until the 1970s. The building is unusual, boasting a second story pavilion and a penthouse. These days it is an office block but still retains its history.
  • William Blount Mansion. No visit to Knoxville would be complete without stopping by the William Blount Mansion, the oldest building in downtown Knoxville. Construction began on the house in 1792, and Governor Blount drafted much of the Tennessee Constitution here. The house features an elegant two-story wood frame construction, even though many homes in the area at this time were mere log cabins!

It is not only businesses that can boast incredible architecture in the city! Knoxville has the greatest number of homes by George Franklin Barber in the nation. Barber was a Victorian architect who was so successful that his designs were sold through mail order catalog.

Visitors or residents eager to learn more can visit The Ewing Gallery of Art + Architecture, which aims to educate about modern and historic building styles and trends.

What Puts Knoxville Buildings At Risk Of Storm Damage?

Knoxville has a humid subtropical climate, with warm summers and colder winters. Unfortunately for residents and businesses, the area is no stranger to storms and extreme weather. Tennessee, and Knoxville specifically, have seen their share of storms that knocked out power and caused wide-ranging damage to homes and businesses.

There were tornado outbreaks in both 1998 and 2020, where more than one tornado hit in a short space of time. The 1998 Tornado outbreak hit East Tennessee, causing twelve deaths and $133 million in damages.

It is clear that storms are a risk in this area. Thankfully, SERVPRO is here to help.

Understanding Different Building Materials Is Key To Storm Cleanup

When a city boasts as many different architectural styles as Knoxville, a knowledgeable storm cleanup service is necessary. Old buildings especially are prone to damp and mold, and we must take that into account. Building construction can affect many areas of remediation, including:

  • How long it takes to dry a building
  • How much risk there is of hidden water
  • The likelihood of mold growth
  • Which cleaning and drying methods are most suitable
  • How best to deodorize the area

Our technicians understand how building construction affects drying and will design a drying plan that takes everything into account. We know how best to position equipment such as air dryers and dehumidifiers for the desired outcome. And because we train our staff to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification standards, you can rest assured that our team is up to date on the latest best practices.

SERVPRO Monitors Drying In Every Kind Of Building

It is clear that every building is unique and requires an individual approach to storm damage remediation. Monitoring moisture levels both at the beginning of remediation and throughout drying means we are always on top of the situation and can make adjustments as needed. Some of the ways we monitor the problem include:

  • Using moisture meters to measure moisture levels across walls and ceilings
  • Using moisture probes to examine the levels inside the carpet
  • Examining the sub-floor to see if water has penetrated there
  • Monitoring humidity levels to ensure they are acceptable.
  • Employing thermal imaging to check temperature differences and track the movement of moisture throughout building materials

No matter whether you run your business out of an ultra-modern condo or a renovated Victorian mansion, we have the equipment and training to restore it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville is here for all your storm damage cleanup needs. Call us at (865) 862-8907.

How Well Can Water Restoration Companies Manage Knoxville Condo Water Leaks?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team members standing in front of stacked SERVPRO restoration equipment in a storage facility Our highly trained team members, expertise and equipment gives us the ability to handle water loss events of any size.

SERVPRO Helps with Many Aspects of Water Removal from Condos Including Expediting Completion and Minimizing Unnecessary Damages 

Water leaks leading to wetness in different Condo units can be a flashpoint for disagreements between members and unwanted expenses for your condominium association. Although there may be several deterrents to water intrusion, including the installation of leak sensors, you cannot discount the possibility of such an incident. SERVPRO helps Condo managers in Knoxville to resolve water damage situations with the utmost convenience. 

Can water restoration companies help prevent leaks in Knoxville properties? 

In most incidents, the damage is already done by the time the restoration company arrives at your property. What you can benefit from, is advice on how to minimize the chances of leaks or other forms of water intrusion in Knoxville. Our SERVPRO technicians can inspect the facility to establish whether there are steps to take to lessen the chances of leaks. Typical steps include: 

  • Installation of water detection devices
  • Replacing or upgrading washing machine hoses
  • Preparing an Emergency Ready Profile to ensure the correct response when leaks occur
  • Checking whether there are proper sealing and caulking around the property 

The steps help in different ways. For instance, water detection devices have distinct or other forms of warnings when there is a moisture change in the areas they are installed, ensuring faster response to water intrusions. Since faulty household appliances frequently cause leaks, replacing old or brittle washing machine hoses can reduce the chances of a leak occurring. Other steps, such as having an ERP minimize confusion because there is a response plan, including locating and shutting off the mains when the leak is identified. 

What is the best way to handle water removal from condo units? 

Because of the distributed responsibility for the damages that water causes in condos, the chosen water removal approach should help in: 

  • Identifying the source of the water leak fast
  • Limiting moisture migration
  • Documenting the exact damage affecting each section
  • Mitigating all long-term problems 

When our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your Knoxville water loss site, we use simple and sophisticated techniques to identify the loss point, if it is not apparent, and the extent of the moisture migration. In the interior sections of the units, we can easily observe the wetness and pools of water. 

In enclosed spaces such as walls, ceiling, and floor spaces, we use other ways to check for wetness. For instance, we can use thermal cameras to identify wet areas behind wall surfaces. The cameras rely on temperature differences to identify wet areas. We can also drill small holes to release trapped water or create space for inspection with a specialized tool such as a borescope. With these approaches, we avoid damaging the property unnecessarily, thus minimizing conflicts between the different parties involved. 

Can water restoration companies fast track water removal? 

Several aspects influence the time it takes to complete water removal from the condo, including: 

  • The number of levels affected
  • Amount of water released
  • The variety of damages the intrusion causes 

Our SERVPRO crews take various steps to expedite the process, halting the deterioration of materials, and restoring habitable conditions faster. We have an assortment of water extraction equipment that help ease the removal of surface or absorbed water. For instance, we have self-propelled extractors that a technician rides on while moving over carpeted areas at consistent speeds. Such apparatus combines different processes to achieve the intended removal goal faster. The technician and the machine's combined weight helps squeeze out water absorbed by carpet and pad while the vacuum system extracts it. 

Other tools such as portable extractor units and truck-mounted pumps help us remove water from hard surfaces faster. In the case of water penetration beneath tiles or hardwood floors, we have drying mats, which help extract water trapped beneath the hard materials conveniently.

The use of such specialized equipment to perform specific removal processes reduces the time taken to restore the property to its preloss state. For instance, ripping up and reinstalling tiles to remove moisture can add some extra days to the water remediation process. The timesaving benefits can be enjoyed in many aspects of the restoration, including: 

  • Damage inspection processes
  • Water removal from floor materials and coverings
  • Cutting downtime for rebuilding and refinishing 

The use of sophisticated equipment also limits invasive procedures that cause physical damages, thus helping reduce costs. 

In case of a water intrusion incident at your Downtown Knoxville, Rocky Hill, or Sequoyah Hills condo, SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville can help resolve it with ease. Call us at (865) 862-8907. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

We Had a Water Incident at My Indoor Storage Facility, How Can I Start Cleanup?

7/8/2020 (Permalink)

Four sets of storage units with orange doors. Water damage to your Knoxville business can be extensive call SERVPRO today.

SERVPRO is Here for Prompt Water Mitigation Services to Restore Your Knoxville Storage Building

Once water infiltrates your Knoxville commercial space, you have no time to waste. SERVPRO offers emergency response so that we can get to work right away to lessen the amount of loss. When you have customers counting on their storage units to be safe from harm, there is never any room for error. We have the techniques and tools to facilitate rapid, reliable clean up when you need us.

How Does Your Team Address Commercial Water Loss?

Handling water damage in Knoxville at your indoor storage building can be tricky depending on the layout, the type of water loss, and the belongings affected. Our crew chief does a walkthrough to determine the best course of action that allows us to remove standing water and eliminate moisture while protecting the structure and interior contents.

  •   Water extraction includes the use of a range of pumps, vacuums, and specialty tools. 
  •   Our crew looks for areas of migration, including various storage units, under shelving, and behind walls. 
  •   Centrifugal air movers help keep the air circulating while our professional-grade dehumidifiers grab moisture from the air. 
  •   Wherever paper products are present, such as packaging and boxes, everything is inspected and carefully inventoried for your records and customers storing their belongings on-site.
  •   If your storage building includes floor to ceiling units for shelving, we position air movers under the bottom shelves to help us achieve drying goals. 
  •   All equipment is adjusted periodically to ensure we maintain a rhythm of efficient drying.
  •   Whether full or partial pack-out services are required, we maintain an accurate inventory of all items for your peace of mind.

We know how important it is that your business never misses a beat so that you can count on us for your water mitigation needs. Call SERVPRO of Rocky Hill/Sequoyah Hills/South Knoxville today at (865) 862-8907 to have a team deployed quickly.

Who Can Clean Up My Knoxville Office After a Disaster?

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment stacked inside storage facility Should your office have an emergency restoration need, call SERVPRO. We are equipped and ready to meet your needs.

Water and Fire Losses can Leave a Severe Need for Professional Cleaning, and our Qualified SERVPRO Technicians can Help 

Cleaning is a vital effort after any loss incident, but water and fire emergencies can have a widespread, overwhelming effect on your Knoxville office. Regardless of the size of these events, each has an array of fast-spreading effects that can make restoration and recovery a challenge. Because cleaning is such a common thread in all restorative efforts, our cleaning technicians are among the most versatile and adaptable in our roster. 

When you need commercial cleaning for your Knoxville office, whether it is post-disaster recovery or improving your structure's look and feel, our SERVPRO team can help. We have a growing roster of experienced technicians capable of providing your business with the necessary recovery tools after water or fire losses. In many ways, the fast response and expertise of these responding professionals can save you time and money after a water loss incident.  

What Can Happen After Water Losses?  

Water losses are among the most common calls for our SERVPRO professionals, meaning that our team must be prepared to face any threats that could arise with these emergencies. From a leaking supply line filling up a toilet in the employee bathrooms to a burst pipe beneath the sink in the break room, a situation can get out of hand without the right mitigation steps happening as soon as possible. Some of these actions include:  

  • Extraction – As you might expect, one of the most critical steps for water restoration responders is removing standing surface water. With an array of efficient removal tools, including both submersible pumps and wet vacuums, our technicians can manage surface water to protect exposed materials and contents better.  
  • Drying – As necessary as the removal of surface water might be, eliminating moisture from materials and contents is a primary stage in restoring these areas on-site. We know that there is no time to waste from documents in your records that need our freeze-drying capabilities to evaporative drying from carpeted flooring.  
  • Content Management – In residential settings, content management protects personal belongings from the destruction of fire and water incidents. In your office, this phase is even more valuable, as it can preserve desks, chairs, carpets, and pieces of equipment from the migrating effects. 

What Do Restorers Do for Fire Damages?  

Because many fire losses in Knoxville can become hazardous cleaning and restoration zones for those who travel through it, it is vital to secure a team that can arrive quickly to begin mitigation and safety inspections. What professional restoration technicians can do for your emergency varies from one incident to the next. Scoping the job ahead of many of these mitigation tasks can help to ensure both that we have the personnel, equipment, and products available to protect your main office areas, furniture, and devices. Some of these mitigation tasks include: 

  • Surface Cleaning – Wipe cleaning and more abrasive cleaning techniques like soda blasting are critical efforts to overcome wet smoke residues, soot, and other potentially harmful carcinogens. 
  • Air Quality – Soot is a threat to the environment as well. Circulating soot particles, ash, and other contaminants and debris can be a hazard for those exposed. Cleaning up the situation where fire losses have taken place often involves specialty tools such as air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators.  
  • Content Management – Protecting your office space's belongings consists of the furniture, records, and even electronics. We can relocate some of these items to less damaged areas of your facility to wait for the restoration to complete. In more direct damage scenarios, compromised contents get transferred to our local SERVPRO facility for cleaning and deodorization. 
  • Deodorization – Removing odors involves more than neutralizing smoke scents left in a room after a fire. Many fire odors can become embedded in drywall, carpeting, and wood furniture typical in your office bullpen. With numerous odor removal tools, such as thermal foggers and ozone machines, we can meet your office's specific needs.  

Can Professional Cleaning Happen Without a Disaster?  

These days, professional cleaning is more desirable than any other time in our restoration team's history. We can work to ensure that your office space, heavily touched surfaces, and high-traffic areas receive the premier cleaning it needs. We strive to provide property owners with safe and sanitary environments for staff and customers. We can help improve the look and feel of your property with: 

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Applying Disinfectant 
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Vandalism Removal
  • Deodorization 
  • Air Duct Cleaning  

Whether it follows a devastating loss incident like fire and water emergencies, or you have to enhance the look and feel of your organization, our SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville team can help. Contact us anytime at (865) 862-8907. 

Does Your Knoxville Call Center Need Duct Cleaning?

4/26/2020 (Permalink)

dirty air vent Let us inspect and clean your air ducts

SERVPRO Suggests HVAC Duct Inspections to Maintain Healthy Knoxville Commercial Buildings

Call centers vary in the roles that they serve, stretching far beyond the residents of Knoxville and reaching a global marketplace. With a focus on both productivity and reducing call times and waits for your customers, you need your staff to be present and accounted for when shifts begin. So part of that is keeping them healthy throughout changing seasons. Addressing potential concerns with your air duct system can have a positive effect on the wellbeing of your staff.

We know that not every business needs the kind of cleaning service that we provide. Moreover, duct cleaning in Knoxville is often an afterthought that follows other preventative measures and upkeep of the facility. As challenging as it might be to maintain your building, primarily through shifts constantly running 24/7, you need a team of professionals that can work with you and not against you. Our SERVPRO team has considerable experience with limiting our presence while still successfully navigating the recovery of damaged air duct systems. 
Our efforts always begin with a thorough assessment of the system itself to first determine if our efforts are necessary and where specific tools and accessories are best employed. A versatile device is a boroscope, a minicamera on a flex-line that allows for visual inspection of interior ducts. We have a wide range of implements and attachments for drills and vacuums, allowing us to break up loose elements. Without allowing this same sediment to recirculate through the system, and affect your employees or re-enter the HVAC unit. 
Keeping everyone healthy might not be exclusively linked to the HVAC system, but it can make the situation worse. Bacteria and other contaminants can quickly spread throughout the cold and flu seasons. These same organisms can get caught up in the debris and dust of the ducts and ultimately recirculate throughout your main call floor where the bulk of your employees work. This consistent exposure to these same germs and bacteria can potentially elevate missed days and illness in the center. Improved indoor air quality has been proven to increase office productivity.
Understanding if your system needs attention or not is rarely something that business owners can determine on their own. With long stretches of air ducts hidden from your line of sight, you need sophisticated tools available to our SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville team to help. Give us a call at (865) 862-8907 so we can perform an honest assessment to determine if duct cleaning can help you.

Ultimate Solution to Knoxville Commercial Water Removal 

3/19/2020 (Permalink)

flooded garage When water extraction is what your business needs, contact Team SERVPRO for effective remediation efforts. We are standing by to take your call.

What to Expect During Commercial Clean Water Removal from Carpeting in Knoxville

If a supply line breaks in your Knoxville office building, fast action by our team can ensure we need not add the complication of managing a deteriorating water situation. Clean water emergency services are different than those used with Category 2 (Gray) or Category 3 (Black) water. If we follow proper precautions, returning your business to preloss condition can occur quickly, “Like it never even happened.”

Review and Get Paperwork Signed

When we arrive, we scope the job and make sure that appropriate paperwork is in place to proceed to water removal in your Knoxville business. Involvement of hard and carpet-covered flooring is common, and we take steps as soon as possible to begin water extraction.

Safety Protocols and Job Set-Up

SERVPRO always makes sure to post signs warning of slip and fall risks and to shut down electricity during the first phases if shock is a possibility. We move out or elevate furnishings on blocks to avoid staining carpet for other flooring. We collect and pack up other items on the floor, such as files, area rugs, and more. Dyes and varnishes can transfer when wet, the damage much easier to prevent than to spot clean. If staining already occurred, we work on resolution when the carpeting is still wet.

Consider Removing the Pad

Wall to wall carpeting padding can be salvaged in some cases, but removing it speeds extraction and drying times. SERVPRO consults with your insurance company and keeps you in the loop as we determine whether to remove the pad. If we remove it, we disengage the carpet, pulling it back to extract water from the pad. Even when we are not trying to save the pad, removing water dramatically decreases the weight of the pad and limits resaturating the carpet with pad moisture. Our crew takes care not to fold carpeting at the seams or step on folded carpeting to minimize creases. The pad is cut up with a utility knife into two-foot squares and bagged for disposal. We keep a section to replicate it when we install new padding.

Aggressive Extraction and Balanced Drying

Extraction or squeegeeing of the subfloor then commences. The carpet is gently rolled back out, and SERVPRO then extracts the water from the carpet, taking care not to stretch or to tear the fabric. When drying, we might “float” the carpet, setting up air movers to deliver warm air both above and below the carpet. Close monitoring of the balance among air movement, temperature, and humidity during the drying phase ensures the capture of water vapor by commercial-grade dehumidifiers.

We are ready at SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville to manage clean water damage to the floor coverings at your office. Do not delay your call to (865) 862-8907.

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How water Damages Antique Stores in Knoxville

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

Antiques in store.  Desk, lamp, chair, purse, and other items Water can ruin priceless antiques. Call SERVPRO for fast, effective restoration and remediation.

Protect Antique Wares of Your Knoxville Store from Water Damage 

Any shop owner would like an immediate response to water losses to protect the wares and their investments in their Knoxville establishment. With structures like antique stores, damage to your goods in the store could have permanent consequences, as many of the items for sale in your store no longer have repair materials available. Fabrication can be expensive and negate the money you stand to make from the sale of the item, so a fast response is vital during any water loss threat. 

Except for pipes bursting and other forceful situations, you often have the opportunity to recognize water damage in your Knoxville store before the situation is entirely unrestorable. Because we have ready trailers stocked with more than 100 air dryers and other water mitigation tools, we can move quickly at the first notice of loss. The faster our team arrives at your damaged address, the less of your valuable antiques suffering irreparable deterioration or degradation. 

Content management is a large part of our mitigation process when wares are as valuable as they stand to be in businesses like this. When possible, we reduce moving items and goods from the store to our warehouse to prevent any unnecessary damages from travel or unloading. Instead, we work to clean the products on-site when possible and move them to an unaffected region of the shop away from work necessary to dry the main store floor. 

For focused drying and cleaning that might be necessary after certain water losses, pack out to our SERVPRO facility might be the only suitable solution. There we can work in a climate-controlled environment on focused cleaning, drying, deodorization, and safe storage. 

As challenging as water loss incidents can be when the migration of the moisture spreads into the main shop floor of your antique store, our SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville team can help. We have tested strategies for water removal and drying. Give our rapid response technicians a call 24/7 at (865) 862-8907.

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How SERVPRO Tackles Commercial Flood Damage in a Knoxville Warehouse

11/10/2019 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO vehicles parked outside a building. Flood damage is no game Knoxville, let SERVPRO help you

Knoxville business owners let us walk you through your flood damage.

Even under an inch of groundwater has the potential to wreak havoc and leave behind a large amount of commercial flood damage in a warehouse. The longer it takes cleanup to start, the more loss that occurs. 

When SERVPRO technicians work on commercial flood damage in Knoxville warehouses, the technicians use their equipment to scope the loss area. While the technicians have access to a vast array of equipment, moisture detection on extremely wet concrete flooring is one of the few surfaces this type of screening is sometimes unreliable unless they use non penetrating moisture meters for wood.

Saving Stock is a Priority

If it is feasible, items stored in the water loss area get moved to a safe area on-site during cleanup to limit the disruption to the business. In some cases, the technicians pack out contents to a secure location. 

The Team Approach for Water Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO technicians know it is vital for a business to reopen as fast as possible. As one group of technicians extract the water using portable pumps and squeegees, the others begin to calculate the set up of air movers for expedient drying. 

Special Needs for Concrete Floor

Because of the ease of cleaning, most warehouses utilize concrete flooring. After water damage mitigation and drying, the floor gets inspected for any additional cleaning needs. Painted concrete may flake or blister, requiring repainting. Technicians test for the presence of lead in the paint so they can bring in a qualified subcontractor if removal is necessary.  Due to the porous nature of concrete, water wicks up and leaves chalky residues (calcium deposits) on the surface. This powdery film vacuums away easily. However, dirt or surface films left behind have the potential to harbor mold, so technicians often apply an EPA-registered disinfectant to inhibit any mold growth.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville at (865) 862-8907 when your business has commercial flood damage. The technicians clean up and restore the property "Like it never even happened."

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We Get You Back In Business In Knoxville

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

Our vans outside a commercial building Our team at SERVPRO responds to water damage emergencies right away and we bring our state of the art equipment and expertise to handle any size job.

Commercial Water Removal for Electronic Retail Outlets in Knoxville

An electronics retail outlet can suffer from serious stock expenditure in the event of a flood, burst pipe, or water issue. These losses can be especially severe if the crisis occurs outside of opening hours and results in electronic devices suffering a prolonged exposure to moisture. Property managers with electronics as part of their stock inventory should reach out to both a professional restorer and a specialized electronics restorer. Both professionals can work together to mitigate the potential losses of a large scale water incident.

We run a professional commercial water removal team for business clients in the Knoxville area. Our services run twenty-four hours a day. We can dispatch a team to your location quickly to restore existing damages and prevent further losses. Any specialist repairer needs to be able to access your stock in a safe, hygienic environment. The first step as a restorer then is to remove water from the property and begin drying procedure quickly.

If a water damage emergency is the result of city-wide flooding, you may find that specialists are in short supply due to the increased workload. SERVPRO can help to maintain your stock at a safe level until they are available. One of the core principles in preserving electronic devices is by drying stock while preventing it from reaching the dew point. Condensation can often permanently damage electronics.

SERVPRO can hold electronic devices in stasis by controlling indoor storage temperatures. By using portable heating, as well as dehumidification equipment, we can remove moisture without risking condensation and causing more significant harm. As a locally-based restoration company, we also have reliable contacts with specialist restorers for items like electronics. We can arrange for services with third parties on behalf of commercial clients, so you only deal with one point of contact, and one set of paperwork, from start to finish.

Flooding can result in significant losses for our city's commercial districts. Contact SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville at (865) 862-8907.

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How Does SERVPRO Help Hotels with Commercial Flood Damage in Knoxville?

5/19/2019 (Permalink)

Families depend on area hotels when they travel. Should your hotel sustain flood damage, contact SERVPRO for water removal.

SERVPRO Saves Deep Shag Carpeting in Knoxville Dive Bar

This area of Tennessee is no stranger to intense storms and tornadoes, and commercial flood damage has the potential to affect the livelihood of a business. It is important to begin restoration efforts as soon as possible after water damage to avoid secondary losses.

Commercial flood damage to a Knoxville hotel from a storm causing a roof leak over several rooms can be devastating if not adequately cleaned. The hospitality industry is competitive and thrives on word of mouth referrals and social media and Yelp reviews. Patrons expect clean rooms and no foul odors, which poorly mitigated water damage leaves behind.

When SERVPRO technicians arrive on-site to remediate water damage, they immediately tarp over any areas where further entry of rainwater can occur. They use state-of-the-art moisture detection equipment to determine where accumulations of moisture are within the structure and contents.

Our technicians are trained and certified to handle controlled demolitions to safely remove drywall, carpeting and other structural components too damaged to restore through our proprietary methods. We pack out Items that show potential for restoration through cleaning at our location. Restoring rather than replacing is our goal for businesses affected by water loss.

Before any rebuilding occurs, the structure must be dry. Attention to this detail negates the potential for mold growth and foul odors. Technicians extract as much water as possible and spend extra time on this step. Walls can retain moisture, flood cuts on the lower area of the drywall above where moisture has wicked, allow for airflow behind standing walls.

After drying and disinfection, our technicians offer suggestions for rebuilding through our Building Services. In this way, we can provide the hotel owner seamless support from the beginning to end of the restoration process so they can reopen as quickly as possible and get back to hosting guests.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville helps businesses overcome commercial flood damage with fast action and application of our equipment and techniques. We are available to come to your property 24/7 by calling (865) 862-8907 and make your water loss, "Like it never even happened."

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You Can Depend On Our Skilled Crew To Restore Your Commercial Property In Knoxville After A Fire

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

If you ever notice smoke or burnt materials inside your place of business, call SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville.

Commercial Fire Damage Professionals In Knoxville Can Save Your Business After A Disaster Strikes

It is not common, but it is possible that one day your Knoxville home design store will suffer from an unexpected blaze. Commercial fire damage can sometimes take place randomly or as a result of an act of nature. Once building materials and contents start to burn inside your store, the smoke and flames created can quickly spread throughout your building. Depending on several factors including the time flames have to cover before they are extinguished and how hot the blaze got, the problems created could turn out to be somewhere between minor and severe. Even a small burn in another business that is attached to yours can cause your home design shop to suffer from commercial fire damage.

Immediately after the flames that sparked get put out, it is a wise plan to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. This year, our commercial fire damage team in Knoxville is celebrating their ten-year anniversary of providing assistance to businesses and residences in the area. We use the combination of our experience and specialized training to bring top-notch skills to the table. We know that when your place of business is the victim of a disaster, it could hurt the pocketbooks of you and your insurance company. However, if proper methods get taken, the costs of restoring your company's building can be significantly reduced.

Our IICRC certified technicians at SERVPRO, know ways and have the necessary equipment to reduce costs by saving your contents and building materials instead of removing and replacing them. Depending on how severely the things inside your business got burnt, like your products or your building's structural components, it is possible that we can clean, treat, or re-finish items to keep them from being thrown away.

Since disposal is the most expensive option of mitigation, we try to utilize the combination of our vast amounts of experience and advanced technology to restore objects inside your store back to the way they were before without having to remove and replace them. If you ever notice smoke or burnt materials inside your place of business, call SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville at (865) 862-8907 24 hours a day.

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We Are Here To Help After Your Commercial Property In Knoxville Experiences A Water Damage Disaster

2/25/2019 (Permalink)

Call us 24 hours a day year-round at (865) 862-8907 to schedule a timely assessment.

Win The Race For FASTER Commercial Water Removal In Knoxville

When your Knoxville business faces a water loss toss aside the quaint idea that “slow and steady” is the preferred approach. No matter how excess water intruded into your commercial property, you have no time to lose when responding. Moisture soaked into structural components or inches or feet of water threatening equipment, documents, and inventory are catastrophes necessitating immediate action. Your best bet is to line up our expert water abatement team.

Finding faster water removal in Knoxville is as straightforward as contacting our office. We invest in the highest efficiency commercial pumps and water extractors available, capable of moving even hundreds of gallons of water out of your business property rapidly and completely. Premium water removal equipment is only as good as its operators. Our company has built a skilled workforce of IICRC technicians trained and experienced in substantial water loss remediation. Your business benefits from our proactive approach.

Water that lingers in a commercial space for more than 24 to 48 hours exposes your business to a heightened risk of mold damage. SERVPRO focus on the fastest route to water removal, arriving at your retail store, warehouse, hotel, restaurant, or other property with an experienced crew and fully stocked service vehicles. Our signature green trucks hold high-capacity submersible pumps, wanded and heated water extractors, and effective cleaners, tools, and EPA-registered disinfectants. If needed our equipment can operate using onboard generators or gas motors, so we do not need to wait for electricity temporarily disconnected to be reconnected. We also carry air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers on the trucks to move seamlessly from water removal to applied structural drying.

Expect us to promote faster water removal for your commercial building using all resources at our disposal. If your business water loss is more extensive than average, we access our nationwide network of affiliated SERVPRO professionals to increase our capacity. More personnel and a more extensive inventory of water extraction and drying equipment ensure your property returns to preloss condition with skill, thoroughness, and all deliberate speed.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville is Faster to Any Size Disaster, solving your commercial water removal challenges quickly and professionally. Call us 24 hours a day year-round at (865) 862-8907 to schedule a timely assessment.

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Knoxville Residents Can Rely on SERVPRO During Difficult Times Regarding Traumatic Cleanups

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Reduces Stress for Commercial Customers Following a Crime Scene Cleanup in Knoxville

Handling Different Challenges of Commercial Trauma Scene Cleanup in Knoxville

Trauma scenes present many challenges because of the presence of fluids and tissue, which might contain dangerous pathogens. Unlike other situations where cleaning can start soon after the incident, cleanup in a trauma scene involving a crime can only happen after police gather evidence and coroners remove the body, if present, creating a chance for soils to set. We offer professional cleanup services in Knoxville that put your mind at ease and restore the property to preloss condition. We are trained to be empathetic and thoughtful because of the difficulties involved in these types of incidents.
Each case of commercial trauma scene cleanup in Knoxville is different, therefore, clean up may require different approaches. In cases involving violence, blood and other body fluids or tissue are common. Other cases involve unattended death whereby a person dies due to illness, drugs or emergency and is discovered days later. In such cases, cleaning revolves around odor and insect removal. Our SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and therefore skilled enough to handle any situation.
Cleaning a trauma scene requires neutralization of any contaminants, removal of wastes soiling the area, as well as stain removal. Blood contains lots of protein making bloodstains hard to remove, especially if it soaks into an absorbent material such as beddings, fabrics, or carpeting. Our SERVPRO technicians spray EPA-registered disinfectants immediately after arriving at a site. We also use various OSHA approved professional cleaning agents to remove soiling and stains. Some crime scene cleanups simply involve the removal of traces of tear gas or fingerprinting powders.
Odors are common at trauma sites originating naturally from the materials soiling the area or the decomposition process. Since the soils may penetrate beyond the surface of affected materials, the odors may not go away even after cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians use different approaches to deodorize the area removing the bad odor "Like it never even happened." Wet fogging using ULV, Ultra Low Volume, foggers releases very tiny deodorant particles that reach deep into materials to neutralize odor particles. We can also use direct spraying and injection to deodorize affected areas. Wetness can also lead to odors, so we dry the cleaned areas using air movers and dehumidifiers.
Cleaning trauma scenes is more than a physical task because of the emotions triggered by the incident. Call SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville to help. You can reach us at (865) 862-8907 any time.

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The Benefits Of Our Commercial Cleaning Services In Knoxville

10/29/2018 (Permalink)

Professional commercial cleaning is needed for Knoxville businesses.

Commercial Cleaning Services For Knoxville Start-Ups

Many Knoxville residents are taking advantage of the growing economy, and opening businesses. These start-ups in our area cover everything from new garages to light industry, returning needed manufacturing jobs to our area. The hours are long, and every dollar counts.

Professional commercial cleaning is still needed for Knoxville businesses though. SERVPRO cleaning teams can perform multiple services on a flexible schedule. They tailor everything to meet both the business needs and its budget. It is far cheaper to have a professional service come in once or twice a week to perform tasks that do not need a paid, 40-hour a week work crew.

In a garage or a light manufacturing plant, our routine cleaning services usually stay in customer service areas, bathrooms, and breakrooms. They include vacuuming or cleaning carpets, mopping and waxing floors. Maintaining clean floors is also a safety issue for most businesses, but many owners do not bring in an experienced work crew. Instead, they try to do the job themselves on the weekend.

SERVPRO can schedule a cleaning crew to meet every schedule. Our teams can arrive on a Saturday evening at 6 pm to clean up a kitchen, so it’s ready for the next week, or show up at 5 am on a Monday to steam clean a carpet before everyone else comes in to start the day.

Our crews are there for emergencies as well. Spills happen in any business, but if oil spills across a service bay or an entire work area, it is not enough to mop it up. Until we remove every trace of the hazardous material, it is not safe for employees and the business may have to partially, or completely, shut down. Our chemical inventory contains industrial grade degreasing agents and other cleaners not available to retail stores. Technicians trained to use them per state and federal regulations to protect the environment while removing the spill and helping companies reopen.

That is our goal at SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville. To help local businesses maintain a clean welcoming environment and help them reopen for business as quickly as possible when disaster strikes. If you need us, call (865) 862-8907 today.

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Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service For Your Knoxville Office

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Large or small we can help keep your carpet clean.

Keep your office floor clean with carpet cleaning by SERVPRO

Even if you handle the regular day to day and deep cleaning of your Knoxville business in-house, outsourcing your commercial carpet cleaning can be a smart move. The professional-grade equipment and the evolution of innovative cleaning products in the carpet cleaning industry can be hard to maintain. Make these tools work for you when you hire a company that specializes in this cleaning niche.

Knoxville businesses dare not wait too long between professional carpet cleaning appointments. The first impression clients get from your company is the layout of your reception area. If it includes a dirty and stained expanse of wall to wall carpeting you can bet a prospective lead or customer may think twice before doing business with you. Our crews hold IICRC certification in efficient carpet cleaning, ensuring your common spaces and offices make you proud every day.

The foot traffic in a business can result in clear paths down hallways and through the common areas, exhibiting staining and ground in dirt reasonably quickly. Individual offices take longer to show the wear and tear, but staining events can happen. Rarely used spaces like boardrooms usually accumulate dirt and staining much more slowly. SERVPRO works with you to design a carpet cleaning plan with your business’s individual needs in mind.

We build your carpet cleaning package after evaluating the type or types of floor covering you have in your business. Stains and heavy use areas receive pre-treatments, and we note which rooms and quadrants of larger spaces appear to need the most attention. SERVPRO’s trained carpet cleaning technicians have a broad range of strategies available to address the different types of soiling and damage your floor coverings exhibit. Our equipment and products leave the carpet clean and dry, with no lingering residues.

Our crews operate the heavy-duty steam extractors with care. Waves, buckles, ripples, and wrinkling can destroy the look and function of your office carpeting after cleaning. SERVPRO technicians are skilled in the employment of powerful carpet cleaning equipment, avoiding the stretching and dislodging of tack or tackless strips inexperienced individuals can inflict on the carpet during cleaning.

For reliable and regular cleaning of your office’s carpet, reach out to SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville by calling (865) 862-8907. Maintain your carpeting without the capital expenditures and need for the continual updating of your housekeeping staff’s training when you engage our services.

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Commercial Water Removal in Downtown Knoxville

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

If your Downtown Knoxville restaurant experiences water damage, call on SERVPRO for quick and efficient water removal services.

SERVPRO Removes Water Fast to Prevent Foul Odors in Your Business

Water leaking inside your Downtown Knoxville restaurant is never a pleasant situation and possibly causes you a loss in revenue. Water getting into your business can produce excessive amounts of damage. Sometimes water damages contents and building materials as well as creates foul mildew odors.

A water leak inside your restaurant possibly puts a strain on business functions. SERVPRO's commercial water removal team in Downtown Knoxville works hard to mitigate the problem without hindering the day to day operations of your restaurant. The entire project gets completed start to finish by sometimes changing the way things get done to accommodate your business.

SERVPRO's technicians know that replacing materials and loss of revenue get very expensive for your insurance company. When we enter a jobsite, our goal is to restore building materials and contents back to the conditions they were in before the water damage took place. When handling water damage inside your restaurant, we pay extra attention to odor control.

Water damaged materials sometimes put off foul, mildew-like odors. We know that pleasant aromas existing inside your restaurant is essential and we always take extraordinary measures to eliminate any unpleasant smells. The existence of water also possibly causes mold to develop if the moisture does not get dried out within 48 hours.

The presence of mold can create more malodor particles that are unpleasant to your restaurant customers. Odors tend to stay stuck inside materials and contents that are porous inside the building. Vinyl, upholstery, and carpet sometimes hold in particles that produce foul odors.

When mitigating any water issue, we always take steps to control odors that exist inside the carpet. To get the carpet dried out before mold growth occurs, we remove the carpet and place an air mover underneath to "float" it. When the interior rug gets wet, we spray the material with antimicrobial chemicals. The chemicals prevent any mold spores from growing into a fungus.

Many times antimicrobial chemicals, have deodorizing agents mixed into them. The compounds help dissolve malodor particles and serve as a masking agent. For professional help controlling odors inside your business, call SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hill / South Knoxville at (865) 862-8907 for assistance anytime.

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When Your Need For Water Removal Threatens Your Knoxville Industrial Facility

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

The trouble is, water emergencies are often highly unpredictable and cannot get prepared for as such.

When Water Damage Threatens Your Industrial Facility

Knoxville is a town that has always been industrious, but that can be a cause for pause when there is a water emergency. Production is the key to success in industrial fields, and when looming and rising waters threaten to shut down this production, there is a lot of profits that stand to be lost. The trouble is, water emergencies are often highly unpredictable and cannot get prepared for as such.

While you might have an entirely capable staff to complete the jobs and tasks that you have on site, water removal services to your Knoxville plant or warehouse might require more experienced hands capable of getting the job done right quickly and wholly. Calling our SERVPRO professionals is always a wise choice, as our team has both the expertise and the advanced equipment to handle even the largest of water problems that threaten your facility.

From the moment that our experts arrive on site, our team is spreading out to remove the source of the water that is present in the affected area. By doing this, our SERVPRO team can devote their entire attention to the water removal process and restoration to give you back a facility that looks as good as it did before the incident.

With higher volumes of water, our team often brings out a pump truck from our fleet of vehicles. The truck-mounted pumps can pull up significant amounts of water very quickly and can leave only spot vacuuming to do in specific areas that were difficult to reach with the larger pump. Once all the water has gotten successfully extracted, our experienced professionals begin the drying and dehumidification processes using air movers and other similar tools.

Ultimately, our goal is to give you back the same facility that you had before the water damage occurred, except higher safeguards (where possible) against similar instances from happening again. When you are facing an emergency that requires immediate water removal and is threatening production in your facility, call SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville. We can be reached anytime at (865) 862-8907.

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When A Knoxville School Gets Flooded, You Need Fast Water Removal Services

1/12/2018 (Permalink)

Our goal at SERVPRO is to restore the water damage from your school property "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Can Tackle Your Knoxville School Water Damage Woes 

When torrential rains and severe weather events impact Knoxville, sometimes the least prepared buildings for flooding situations are schools. Flash flooding can happen with little warning, which can leave ill-prepared education facilities dealing with a considerable mess. While every school employs a staff of people meant to maintain the building and clean up messes as they happen, there are several situations (like this one in particular) that the staff is merely unable to clean up on their own.

Fortunately, when it comes to needing water removal services to a Knoxville school, there is help that is only a phone call away. When you call us at SERVPRO, we make sure that your crisis is as important to us as it is to you. Our emergency response team is ready any time of the day or night to ensure that your emergency gets handled professionally and efficiently.

Schools do not often have the option of closing their doors for extended periods of time for slow restoration of water damages to happen. With deadlines and curriculum requirements to hit milestones throughout every period of the school year, widespread cancellations set educators and students back considerably for reaching these goals. Water removal and complete restoration need to be fast and done correctly.

The professionals of our SERVPRO team have the tools and experience to do the job right. With fast water extraction equipment like pump trucks from our fleet and trash pumps to quickly pull up the water, we can have the entire affected area ready for drying very quickly. Air movers are used to thoroughly dry the area, making sure that no lingering moisture is left behind. Our complete drying procedure ensures that present conditions do not allow for mold growth, which can be a common problem in the aftermath of flooding.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Ultimately, our commitment is to lessen the time that the school have to remain closed for restoration or repair. Do not wait to give SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville a call. You can reach us at any time at (865) 862-8907.

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Rocky Hill Bars Can Struggle From Water Damages

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides Water Damage Cleanup Even After Closing to Local Rocky Hill Bars

Rely on Professional SERVPRO Water Removal to Keep Your Business Operating

Rocky Hill has quite a few watering holes for locals and travelers alike to enjoy. Because bars are not open all day long, the bulk of their business has to happen in a smaller portion of the day than other businesses are typically able to use. So, when a disaster threatens this already compromised time frame for your customer base, the result could be incredibly damaging to your overall profits.
As you are already aware of running a Rocky Hill bar, there are a lot of pipes and plumbing all over the place. You want to make sure that you have sinks handy and close by to keep your entire bar neat and tidy, but this in itself can have some risks involved. When your plumbing is done on your own or through an unprofessional contractor, the work is anything but guaranteed. Even if everything works very well for several years, improper installation techniques are eventually going to fail, disconnect, and leave significant water damage to your Rocky Hill business.
As the owner, you might not even get the opportunity to spot this occurrence until you are about to open up for the day and start serving customers. Depending on the severity of the break or pipe separation, you could be dealing with a large volume of water that can quickly spread across the barroom floor. When you are dealing with pipes flowing from underneath a sink in the bar, you can kill the supply to the lines by turning the valve on the pipe itself, provided that the break has occurred between the valve and the faucet. Your next step should be calling our SERVPRO team.
With expertise and experience, our SERVPRO technicians can handle any water emergency that you might have. Our priority to your business as a client is to completely restore the damages while mitigating your profit loss as much as possible. Our IICRC certified team of technicians can quickly determine the cause of the issue and repair the problem with the right materials and installation techniques to prevent it happening again in the future. In the case of large plumbing problems we can suggest partners to make the fix.
With the use of wet vacs and drying equipment, our team can restore the damages and get your business ready quickly. We cannot know about the problem though if you do not call SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville. Our emergency response professionals are ready anytime; you can reach us at (865) 862-8907.

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Mold Remediation Services Available For Motel Owners In Knoxville

8/11/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has an entire section devoted to helping businesses just like yours recover after disaster strikes.

Are You A Commercial Property Owner Dealing with Mold Damage? SERVPRO is Here to Assist! 

Mold remediation for a business like yours, for the majority of restoration companies, is an after thought. They lump services in with those provided for home recovery, when in fact there is a major difference in business preparations and the restoration process itself.

To properly treat your Knoxville area property for mold damage, it may be necessary to work during non-peak hours to limit interruptions to normal business operations. When dealing with mold that affects your motel guests, remaining operating during remediation is imperative. The company you choose needs to understand and have the knowledge to protect employees and customers from exposure.

You want access to someone like SERVPRO with all of the resources, equipment, personnel, and experience necessary to perform at a maximum level. Our technicians take every precaution to restrict access to contaminated areas, keeping you informed after each night, advancing your remediation process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

SERVPRO has an entire section devoted to helping businesses just like yours recover after disaster strikes. With experience in every major type of catastrophic event known to man, we can provide you with the services you need to help keep your motel up and running.

Our containment methods prevent exposure to additional areas, containing shower corner mold when possible to avoid additional growth. We also have access to air movers, scrubbers, infrared moisture detectors, hygrometers, and water extraction equipment necessary to perform any services required to get the job done right.

SERVPRO technicians explain our remediation process entirely, giving you exceptional insight into how mold operates and how everyone that works for you can help prevent these problems from reoccurring. Our staff knows how important your business is and we make every effort to show how much we care during every interaction.

Removing mold from your motel rooms can be easy, or it can be hard. The longer you wait to make a call for help, the more losses you experience. With the right company, your mold remediation services go off without a hitch. They can even help remove odors that develop and completely deodorize the entire space.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville for full details, or to schedule your initial inspection today. Help is only a phone call away. (865) 862-8907

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Concerns When Mold Is Found In A Daycare Center In Knoxville

5/11/2017 (Permalink)

Battling mold on your own is unwise.

Mold Damage In A Daycare Center

When you operate a business catering to small children and their families, you see issues arise if you experience a mold outbreak. Parents express great concern, and you fear local or state agency inspections lead to consequences including possible closure. Battling mold on your own is unwise. SERVPRO has the resources to help you remove the mold you have today and prevent other infestations in the future.

Daycare centers feature many places where mold damage appears, causing worry for Knoxville licensed child care facilities. Bathrooms, water fountains, kitchens, craft rooms, and diaper changing areas all have plumbing. Sinks, toilets, and the pipes that link them to the water and sewer or septic system threaten to feed mold outbreaks through spills, overflows, backups, and leaks. We offer schools and commercial building owners our skills as experts certified in the mold remediation protocol created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Although no reputable mold remediation company can promise to eliminate mold, SERVPRO promises to contain and remove current colonies and to work with you to significantly limit the possibility that the fungal growth returns. Mold spores hide everywhere, lighter than air, floating on air currents. Moisture awakens the spores, causing them to proliferate. Almost any surface is a good host for mold growth, and daycare centers have many areas when mold gains a quick foothold.

When we arrive, your expectation is that our technicians scour all areas of your center to find visible mold. We contain the outbreaks, using physical barriers like plastic sheeting to keep the mold from spreading. Large amounts of mold mean we bring in the air scrubbers, negative air pressure machines with filtering technology that restrain mold or spore movement. Areas that supported mold growth receive disinfection using products SERVPRO Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians learned about during comprehensive training leading to certification.

Finally, our staff locates all sources of moisture and develops a plan to stop the water from invading the daycare. SERVPRO looks for leaks and areas where spills remain unattended. The areas identified are dried thoroughly using air movers and dehumidifiers. Plumbing malfunctions find resolution and cleanup protocols enforced for puddles and pools. With no water for food, we stop mold in its tracks.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville awaits your call to respond to mold damage issues. Dial our operators at (865) 862-8907 who schedule a visit from our mold remediations team.

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SERVPRO ERP for Office Fires in Rocky Hill

2/28/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Protects Your Business in Rocky Hill from Fire and Floods

Rocky Hill Businesses Can Prevent Damage Caused by Fires and Floods with the ERP Mobile App

The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) system is designed to help business owners most effectively manage their property damages and seek help as quickly as possible. Precious minutes or hours otherwise spent gathering information from you are saved at the touch of a button, and our technicians can arrive with detailed and robust understandings of the building in question. The benefits can be obvious for floods, but what about fires? Many see fire damage restoration as a much more straightforward task, but the ERP system can provide some solid benefits for these projects as well, especially for office spaces.

HVAC Layouts
One of the biggest problems for larger buildings like Rocky Hill offices is fire damage from smoke. This combusted byproduct comes in many forms, from microscopic and odorous particles to ash-carrying and visible marks. Some types of smoke can coat entire walls and surfaces, causing massive long-term damage. The ERP system allows us to see the layout of HVAC systems in your building and respond to smoke's primary distribution method most effectively.

Critical Point Maps and Layouts
Critical points in the building such as water and electrical breakers, HVAC shutoffs, and emergency equipment can be difficult to locate and use if damage from the fire is heavy. However, when the ERP system sends documents to SERVPRO, we can receive information on the relative locations, layouts, and specification of these important points of interest. In most cases, we can then access and use them no matter how difficult they are to find otherwise. This ERP mobile app is an excellent service that we provide to our clients.

Faster Responses
Offices usually contain delicate equipment and materials, making fast mitigation-centered responses a must for containing damages and reducing costs. With the faster responses gained through the ERP system, we can save most of these fragile and time-sensitive devices.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville is your local answer having the tools and personnel necessary for any office's damage restoration. Just call us 24/7 at (865) 862-8907.

Bring The Curtain Down On Mold Damage In Knoxville Theaters

1/28/2017 (Permalink)

Musty smells and creeping stains across walls indicate mold has taken hold in your theater.

Mold Damage

The local theater scene depends on clever deception to keep things interesting. Unfortunately, the curtains and swags that keep audiences guessing can also hide the dampness that feeds mold damage. SERVPRO technicians seek out the hidden sources of water that support fungal growth in every corner of a performance venue.

When drama or comedy lovers line up to enjoy the show, mold damage can really take away from the Knoxville theater experience. Musty smells and creeping stains across walls indicate mold has taken hold in your theater. Managing this mold infestation requires the professional skills of our trained and experienced technicians. Because the area is large, there may be more than one source of water feeding the fungus. The organic materials the microbes can grow on are many and varied in the theater -- curtains, costumes, and sets are just a few of many items that can support mold colonies.

Ceilings are high in a theater, and the mold up near that leak in the roof may have been growing for some time, unseen because the areas are in darkness or covered. These difficulties will not deter SERVPRO crews. The training received by all our mold remediation specialists is through, a complete education in the ways mold spreads and grows. Our project managers will design a plan that finds, contains, and removes all active mold colonies, sometimes requiring that materials that cannot be cleaned be discarded. Any leaks in the roof, heating or cooling systems or plumbing must be repaired to curtail the growth of new microbial colonies. Our goal will be to bring the microbial activity down to an acceptable level, as it can never be completely eradicated.

Although that actual health consequences of mold growth for any particular individual cannot be determined without consultation with a healthcare professional, the public is concerned whenever mold is discovered in public places. Your entertainment space must be free of visible mold growth and odor. Cleaned and deodorized by our experts, your theater welcomes the local arts scene back, and your investment is protected.

If your theater has signs of mold damage, SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville can help you resolve the problem. A call to (865) 862-8907 will deliver a full-service mold remediation team before the show.

SERVPRO: Your Experts in Commercial Water Damage in Rocky Hill

1/27/2016 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO to Quickly Reopen Your Office for Business

Handle Your Rocky Hill Commercial Water Damage with SERVPRO

If you have recently become a victim of commercial water damage in Rocky Hill or Knoxville, you may be wondering what you can do to mitigate your damages. There is a critical period in which certain actions must be taken to preserve as much of your property as possible and to decrease any health risks when water damage has occurred in a commercial space.

Preparing a Space for Water Damage Restoration
Before you enter your commercial space or any flooded building, you will need to make sure the electrical power to the structure is shut off. You should also be aware that during a flooding event, small animals or reptiles tend to seek shelter inside of buildings. Be prepared to deal with the discovery of wild animals in your space.

Protect yourself from entering any flooded building by wearing an organic vapor respirator. You can purchase these at any local paint and building supply stores. You also want to have rubber gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection. The first thing you should do is ventilate the affected areas by opening the windows and placing fans where possible.

Unfortunately, there likely will be items that you need to throw away. Any items that are porous and have absorbed contaminated floodwater cannot be restored. If your commercial space has drywall, mattresses, pillows, box springs, particle board, carpets or carpet pads, these will need to be discarded if they have become saturated. However, there is good news: If you have clothing or household fabrics that can be machine-washed, you may be able to salvage them. Use your washing machine to clean these items with a 10-minute soak at the minimum in hot water with detergent. The soap and normal wash should remove most of the contamination and any staining that is present.

Be aware that your commercial space will need a thorough professional inspection, cleaning and possibly restructuring. Water damaged walls and installations must be removed and repaired, and pockets of saturation should be exposed for drying and sanitizing. Always remember that mold growth could take a few days to appear as it thrives in a moist environment with organic-type materials such as paper or particle board and in temperatures that range between 60 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep good airflow throughout the interior environment, and maintain moderate temperatures to decrease the risk of any mold growth. It is also important that you let your space dry out before any rebuilding occurs.

Services You Can Count On in Knoxville and Rocky Hill
You can depend on SERVPRO to provide reasonable prices for Rocky Hill commercial water damage and other services in the Knoxville area. Our restoration services include cleanup after water damage, fire damage, and storm damage. We also assist with mold remediation, and we're qualified to provide cleaning and building services. Our trained and certified IICRC technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to begin your restoration. Whether you require cleanup after Rocky Hill commercial water damage or simply need a carpet cleaning, call us at (865) 862-8907.

Commercial Water Restoration Presents Unique Challenges

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill/Sequoyah Hills/South Knoxville has the experience, training, and equipment to deal with a big box water emergency in Knoxville, or a store or motel event in Rocky Hill and Downtown Knoxville. Fore immediate 24/7 service call us. (865) 862-8907

Protecting Your Downtown Knoxville Commercial Property From A Fire

12/2/2015 (Permalink)

As many authorities know, having an automatic fire sprinkler on your property can reduce the risk of fire by up to 71%.

Protecting Your Commercial Property From A Fire in Downtown Knoxville 

Commercial fires in Downtown Knoxville are often the most devastating reality that a property owner will have to oversee. In addition to wreaking havoc on your property, fires can force you to relocate temporarily so you can maintain running your business while the restoration process is completed. However, property owners who access and implement high-quality safety practices can often avoid the devastation and destruction that results from Downtown Knoxville commercial fires. Read the brief outline provided below to learn how you can protect your property: 

1. Install Automatic Fire Sprinklers.

As many authorities know, having an automatic fire sprinkler on your property can reduce the risk of fire by up to 71%. Additionally, sprinklers can decrease your insurance premium. To keep your sprinkler in excellent condition, be sure that it is not blocked by dirt or paint. Also, be sure to inspect regularly your main control valve so that it is not left off. Finally, be sure that you take the precautions necessary to prevent the pipe from freezing. 

2. Conduct Fire Emergency Training.

Each of your employees should undergo fire safety training. The training can help prevent your staff members from being victimized. Here are a few subjects that should be covered in the emergency training: 

Hazard Recognition

Keep all combustible chemicals and materials away from heat-generating and electrical equipment. 


Inspect your power sources regularly and don't overload your extension cords and outlets. 


Teach your employees how to respond when a fire breaks out. Some subjects that should be covered include how to perform an organized evacuation, operate the fire extinguisher, and set the fire alarm. 

Other issues that should be involved in the training include:

• Breathing Apparatus Training

• Fire Extinguisher Training

• Confined Space Entry Training

• First Aid Training

• General Staff Emergency Awareness Training

• Evacuation Exercise 

Also, be sure that your employee team officials undergo the following fire emergency response training:

• Fire Safety Officer Training

• Fire Safety Adviser Training

• Chief and Deputy Chief Warden Training

• Emergency Control Organization Warden Training

• Spill Response Training

• Lay Flat Hose Training 

Call SERVPRO Immediately

Although accessing and utilizing fire prevention measures is crucial and advantageous, there is still a chance that a fire could break out on your commercial property. If this happens, you need to know who to call for fast, efficient restoration services. The company to trust is SERVPRO of Rocky Hill/Sequoyah Hills/South Knoxville. We have extensive industry experience and a passion for restoring offices to their original condition. We're ready to assist you immediately, so contact us now at (865) 862-8907.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Rocky Hill/Sequoyah Hills/South Knoxville is strategically located to respond quickly to your fire emergency event. When commercial fire damage occurs in Knoxville, Rocky Hill or South Knoxville we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us today! (865) 862-8907

How Electrical Sparks in Knoxville Can Trigger a Fire Disaster

8/4/2015 (Permalink)

Prevention is the best method to keep your family and property safe. Your Knoxville SERVPRO can help.

Electrical power has become an essential part of Knoxville everyday life. 

In 2013, electricity consumption in the United States totaled nearly 3,831 billion kilowatt-hours.

According to the US Department of Energy, people in Knoxville use electricity to charge their cell phones and laptops, wash and dry their clothes, cook meals, brew their morning cup of coffee and heat their businesses. Electrical power keeps people connected and allows people to do what they need to do. Even though most Americans recognize the benefits that come with electrical power, they must also understand that there is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously to avoid injury or possible disaster.

According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 50,000 fires in the home are attributed to electrical fires. These have resulted in almost 500 deaths and more than 1,400 injuries. The damage that has been done has totaled to more than $1.3 billion. Obviously, being careless with electrical power has very serious consequences.

The experts at the Knoxville SERVPRO recommend that individuals follow these safety measures in their business and home to reduce the risk of electrical fires

• Inspect your home and business for loose wires, faulty wiring, and shorts. If there are any issues, contact a qualified electrician. Also, use safety covers on outlets to protect children. 

Make sure there are smoke detectors on each level of your home or business. Test them each month to make sure they are working properly.

• If electrical equipment is making strange sounds or has a weird odor, turn them off. If there is water damage on your property, make sure that an expert inspects all electrical appliances. Do not plug them in or turn them on until they are safe. When water has damaged electrical appliances, they can be very dangerous.

• Use safe cord practices. When cords are loose, frayed or cracked, repair them or replace them. Never place cords in high traffic areas, under rugs, or stapled to surfaces. Additional outlets can be installed by an electrician if necessary. Extension cords should only be utilized temporarily.

• Light bulb wattage should be correct for the appliance being used.

• During spring cleaning and while working near service meters or electrical lines, use caution. Consider hiring a Knoxville professional to do the work if it is dangerous.

• Flammable items should be kept away from electrical appliances.

• Consider installing an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) to reduce the chances of electrical fire in your home.

• Avoid using electrical power tools outside after it has rained, or the area is wet. Never operate electrical equipment while barefoot.

• Do not allow children to climb trees near power lines. Reduce the risk of electrical-related injuries by keeping balloons, kites, and other items away from overhead lines.

Prevention is the best method to keep your family and property safe. If you have experienced property damage because of fire, you can rely on your Knoxville SERVPRO

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